Okelele PHC Family Planning Supervisor Commends Client’s patronage

The people of Okelele community has been commended for their active participation in Family planing program.

The Family planning Supervisor in the health facility, Alhaja Maryam Balogun, revealed the development during an extensive interview with Family planing Media crew on the accessibility of family planning product in the health facility made available by the State Government.

She revealed that the facility has experienced tremendous increase in patronage since The Challenge Initiative (TCI) actively participated in the sensitization and public orientation of Family planning products and importance of birth control in the Society.

"As of today, we have clients of over 300 monthly which is encouraging. Some parents also come with their adolescent children in other to prevent unwanted pregnancy before the completion of their education. This is as a result of the publicity and efforts of Social Mobilizers at the community", Balogun said. 

One of the Social Mobilizers on Family planning at the Okelele Primary health care center, Mrs. Mariam Ajike, said that people of the Community voluntarily came out for the Family planning services which has really given them better understanding on the importance of FP.

"We the Social Mobilizers are providing an accurate and factual information to correct misconception about Family planning at the grassroots".

She urged Kwarans within the reproductive age to embrace family planning, noting that it is a safe and affordable way to control child birth.

Falade Gbenga Tayo
Press Secretary


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