The following are the completed infrastructure upgrades.


1. PHC Alapa

2. PHC Magaji Ngeri

3. PHC Ago Oja

4. Isolation Centre At Sobi Specialist Hospital, Alagbado

5. Health Centre, Aboto-Alfa

6. Comprehensive Health Centre, Ijagbo

7. Comprehensive Health Centre, Babanloma 

8. General Hospital, Oro

9. Cottage Hospital, Lade

10. School for Special Needs


1. PHC Tanke (Ilorin South LGA)

2. PHC Mawukpan (Edu Lga)

3. Eye Clinic of Sobi Specialist Hospital, Alagbado (Ilorin South)

4. Renovation Of General Hospital/Kwara State University Teaching Hospital (Kwasuth) Toilets

5. Repair Of the Ministry of Health’s Premises

6. The State-of-The-Art Oncology Centre Being Constructed In Partnership With The Abdulsamad Rabiu (ASR Africa) Centre

7. Redesign of The Civil Service Hospital


1. Procurement of solar inverters to several health facilities including General Hospital Patigi, Lafiagi, Kaiama, Yashikira, Cottage Hospital Ilesha Baruba, Sobi Specialist Hospital Alagbado (Maternity Wing, GOPD, and Emergency and Accident Wing).

2. Supply of medical equipment and fittings to the new ward of The General Hospital, Ilorin.

3. Supply of eye/ophthalmic equipment for the Sobi Eye Centre

4. Distribution of diagnostic equipment to secondary facilities across the state

5. Distribution of kitchen equipment for food demonstration in 50 PHCS

6. Procurement of nutrition items and equipment distributed across the State through The World Bank-Assisted ANRIN Programme

7. Distribution of 1 ambulance to each of the 16 LGAs of the State; outreach vans for 74 PHCS and 96 motorcycles for outreach

8. 186 PHCS supplied with desktop computers


1. Increase in salaries of the health workers to 100% CONHESS and CONMESS plus hazard allowance. This is to mitigate the brain drain experienced nationwide.

2. Accreditation exercise for some facilities for Internship Program for Pharmacy students by Pharmacy Council Of Nigeria (PCN) for the first time in decades

3. Health promotion activities including the Kwara Health Gist radio and television programs airing on Midland FM 99.1 every Wednesday by 10:30am and on Kwara TV every Saturday by 10:30am. This program, anchored by healthcare workers is now the go-to source of health information for many people even in the diaspora 

4. Training of 60 midwives across the state on Basic Emergency Obstetrics And Newborn Care (BEmONC); 100 workers on nutrition; 386 workers on quality of care; and 193 health workers on Childhood Pneumonia treatment, 48 Immunisation Officers, over 250 LGA staff and so on. 

5. Fortnightly continuous performance enhancement training for all staff of The Ministry Of Health.

6. Institutionalised reward system for high-achieving staff members which saw best performing staff in the ministry of health and the three agencies receive awards.

7. Upgrade of General Hospital Ilorin to The Kwara State University Teaching Hospital (KWASUTH) and subsequent open hearing of the KWASUTH Bill in The State House Of Assembly slated for today 20th May, 2024. This will improve the production of much-needed human resources for health.


1. Provision of funding for the  nutrition commodities to implement the health component of the state’s Multisectoral Plan of Action For Nutrition (MSPAN)

2. Funding for reproductive health activities including training and distribution of family planning commodities

3. Funding for drug control activities including the production of Information, Education & Communication (IEC) materials

4. Prompt provision of counterpart funds for The Malaria Elimination Programme. This led to the successful implementation of the world’s first integrated nets and drugs distribution program in Kwara State, with around a 95% success rate. Work is underway for this year’s drug distribution exercise 

5. Improved funding for immunization programs and other primary health care activities in the state. this has led to Kwara State consistently surpassing 100% of its targets in immunisation activities and thus improved health outcomes. Almost 500,000 children were reached with deworming drugs and Vitamin A. All these led to Kwara State winning $500,000 for being the best state in basic healthcare delivery under the PHC leadership challenge.


8. Funds for extensive outbreak preparedness and response training for several cadres of healthcare workers under The World Bank and Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) assisted COVID-19 Preparedness And Response Project (COPREP).

9. Provision of counterpart funding for the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) of The Federal Ministry Of Health. The upgrade of facilities has made primary health facilities eligible to benefit from the BHCPF. This has provided operational funds for their smooth running across every ward in the state. It has also ensured more lives are covered by the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme

10. Funding for the impact programme which has helped in the procurement of ambulances, computers, 31 ultrasound scan machines, among others. 


1. At the 2023 Annual Medico-Surgical Outreach of His Excellency, 7,549 citizens benefitted from free consultations, free treatment, free glasses and free surgeries across the 16 LGAs of Kwara State. 

2. Expansion of enrolent to over 18,000 indigent citizens enrolled on  KWARACARE in the State Social Health Insurance Scheme. This helps them reduce out-of-pocket expenses when they use empanelled health facilities. Total enrollees on Health Insurance in Kwara State are over 53,000. To improve service the Health Insurance Electronic Platform was also upgraded 

3. Opening of regional offices by Kwara State Health Insurance Agency at Offa, Lafiagi, Kaiama and Omu Aran to better serve the people.

4. Frequent monitoring of the state’s 46 secondary health facilities, over 500 phcs, and over 700 private facilities has provided us with the opportunity to assess absenteeism/lateness, hospital environment and infrastructure, medical equipment, infection prevention, service quality, revenue collection, and record keeping, among others. Staff accused of sharp practices or unprofessional conduct are investigated and sanctioned. 

5. Extensive and consistent monitoring and supervision has taken the entire health team across facilities in every Local Government in the past year. This ensures that standards are maintained in the facilities.

6. Diseases like TB and HIV are being put under control due to highly trained staff and funds injection while diseases like Lymphatic Filariasis or Elephantiasis are being eradicated in Kwara State.

Dr. Amina Ahmed El-Imam

Commissioner for Health


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