The Ministry currently oversees 8 projects, 2 of which are completed and 6 are ongoing 
Two completed projects

1.  Garment factory which is scheduled to create more than 1,000 jobs and foster more investment and entrepreneurship to the state.

2. Sugar film factory: creating 100 direct jobs and more than 500 indirect jobs. The sugar film factory construction is fully completed and operations have now commenced.

Six ongoing projects

1.  Information Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation Hub:

 - We sign a partnership with IHS Towers in November for the completion and operations of the Innovation Hub 
 - Innovation Hub is projected to train not less than 10,000 youths once it operational 
-The Innovation Hub is scheduled to be completed by July 2024

2. Ilorin International Conference Center:

 - This conference center is the cornerstone of activities and events in Kwara state, from possibly Hosting the MBA Conference, International Business conference, and other cooperate bodies. 
 - The main auditorium has more than 1500 capacities and an additional hall that can house more than 400 people
 - The project has five floors with the total number of rooms being 120 rooms 
 - The project is scheduled to be completed towards the end of quarter two of 2024

3. Remodeling and Redesigning of Kwara Hotel Limited: 

 - The remodeling of kwara hotel commences in January 2024, the project is scheduled in the next 18 months.
 - It is good to know the Governor values the iconic Kwara Hotel, thereby maintaining the structure and iconic look of the hotel
 - The capacity of the hotel is 190 rooms, with meeting rooms, a botanic garden, a swimming pool, security room which will be a beacon of tourism of international standard 

4. Construction of a 50-ton Shea butter Factory in Kiama:

 - It is targeted towards the northern region of kwara state, which will help kwara state to refine its manufacturing of shea butter to international standards and this will allow us to export our Shea products to international states.
 - His excellency has created similar projects that will annex key resources in different sectors and areas in kwara state 

5. Rehabilitation and Remodeling of Patigi Regetta Motel:

 - It’s a total overall of the existing structure of Patigi motel and it is targeted towards the economic improve the economic activities of patigi and increase revenue generation in Kwara state.
 - It can house 20+ rooms with a conference hall that has a sixty capacity of 100 people.

6. Conversion of Gasoline Vehicles to Electric Vehicle.

 - It’s a pilot project that his excellency has approved between the Ministry of Business Innovation and Technology and Kwara State University

- Based on the results of this project, Kwara State is likely to welcome a number of investments in the electric vehicle and tricycle industry from assembly plans to training and much more 

Other activities include:

1. Participation at the 1st London conference hosted by WIMBIZ (WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT BUSINESS AND PUBLIC SERVICES) representing the governor’s achievement towards the empowerment of women.

2. The Ministry Organized a Seminar for Cooperative Executives in the State in December.

3. Facilitated a number of collaborations and possible partnerships for the Sugarflim factory from the visit of the Canadian Trade Commissioner to the studios and Kunle Afolyan facilitated by the commissioner of communications. 

4. Kwara State participated at the Intra-Africa Trade Fair (IATF) in Cairo, Egypt. Participation showcased the entrepreneurship and ease of doing business in Kwara State. This lead to a number of partnership deals such as the MOU signing with NEXIM bank for export-related industrialization investment promotions and other interest business.

5. Represented of His Excellency, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, at the Muslimpreneur Trade Fair, 2023.

6. Co-funded and Co-hosted the 10Th Kwara State 2023 Trade Fair with KWACCIMA Kwara State Chamber of Commerce.

7. Hosted Maxim Nayansa NGO to explore potential collaborations with the state.

8. Introduction of Healthcare and Work-Life Balance Initiatives: In collaboration with D-positive Community and Abikan Hospital, we successfully organized a program providing free healthcare services and promoting work-life balance for our ministry staff, enhancing their overall well-being and productivity

9. Facilitated Investment Opportunities: Through productive engagements, we welcomed Mr Uwandiale Agenmonmen, the GMD of Raedial Holdings, to explore potential investment prospects in Kwara State, fostering economic advancement and growth.

10. Promoted Shea Butter Production: In hosting the Shea Butter Association, Kwara State chapter, we initiated dialogues aimed at promoting and boosting shea butter production in the region, thereby supporting local industries and fostering economic growth

11. Inaugurated committees for the recently completed Gbugbu Market.


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