Kwara State Ministry of Social Development, under the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq CON, has, in the last one year, performed greatly that it should better be called an Hamlet of hope and tower of strength for kwarans. Through this ministry, His Excellency has provided array of services to the citizens of the state in numerous areas like social enlivening programs to people which I would not call the poor rather the ones at lower par of economy. The categories cut across the disabled, teeming youths, less privilege, aged and couple of others. Some of the achievements are discussed below:

First, Social Serenity is one of the important areas that the administration did not be overlook, and for which His Excellency has been greatly commended. The Ministry, through its Commissioner, Hon Chief Mrs. Afolashade Opeyemi Oluwakemi, has been encumbered with the task of ridding the Ilorin metropolis off beggars and mentally challenged people whose activities has helped not but causing environmental deface and imp to the environs and to the image of the state as a whole, not less than 155 beggars has being evacuated and repatriated.

 It is also on record that out of the unflinching love and care the lead administration of Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has for the people of the state, especially the disabled, spent millions of naira to procure mobility aids, such as wheel chairs, guiding cane, hearing aids, walking sticks, crutches and other incentives to the people living with disabilities; this again underscore the devoted attention the governor places on these categories of people.

The Governor AbdulRaham AbdulRazaq administration since its tenure has been working tirelessly to make the effort of the Ministry effectual.

Hon chief mrs. Afolashade Opeyemi Oluwakemi on assuming office had her goal set to carry out her duties diligently and efficiently by meeting with security personnel to aid her quest of evacuating beggars and mentally challenged people off the street for proper treatment and possible repatriation.

As an administrator with the high sense of all inclusiveness, who equally prioritizes the well-being of his citizen did not hesitate in placing among these special creature "specially able' a place in his cabinet selection; we have them as Permanent Secretaries of Ministries, and couples of other as member of the executive cabinet.

Moreover, on infrastructure, the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq's administration has perform wonderfully well, the Juvenile Correctional Home at Oko-Erin now wears a nook look and better equipped with notable facilities like, Court Room to enable easiest hearing of cases, reduces stress and prevention of inmates escape and breakout.

The existing clinic building, dinning hall and game center of the home, which have been in comatose for years, were all considered as pivotal tools for recreation and for proper check of health status and treatment services to the inmates, thus the governor in no time had renovated and put them back to work again. And as a matter of fact a total number of 22 inmates were admitted from September 2023 till April 2024 and 18 if the have being released after series of counselling and follow up.

The inception of the Mallam AbdulRaham AbdulRazaq also seen prompt and effective settling of family and kindred cases through the employment of capable hands to counsel, supervise and put effort into reconciling both parties, this saw to treating of 155 family cases with 74 settles amicably, 107 kindred cases with 76 settled amicably from the month of September 3023 to April 2024 and October 2023 to April 2024 respectively helping to reconcile parent with their children and family members.Moreso , the marriage Registry is also a directorate under the the Ministry, which has also conducted 1614 marriages for the last 8months

The administration has also done wonderfully well in providing succour to the widows and the family of the falling heroes in the state; this was showcased during the Emblem Launching at the Ministry Head Quarters where governor did not only graciously present at the occasion but gave a cash donation to the Legions as way of reinstaing his commitment and concern to them.

However, it is worthy of note that the administration under the watch of Hon Chief Mrs. Afolashade Opeyemi Oluwakemi has tremenduosly touching and changing lives of the people of state and bringing smile upon their face.

Hon Chief Mrs. Afolashade Opeyemi Oluwakemi
Commissioner for Social Development 


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