Health Commissioner Leads Monitoring Team on HPV Vaccination Exercise in Ilorin

Honourable Commissioner for health Dr Amina Ahmed El-lmam Orientating Students on the the necessity of the HPV vaccine to prevent Cervical cancer.

The Kwara State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Amina Ahmed El-Imam took charge of monitoring the administration of the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination exercise today in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital.

At Floral Secondary School inTanke, Dr. El-Imam stated that the HPV vaccine campaign was aimed at the provision of vital immunizations to adolescent girls to safeguard their future against cervical cancer and other HPV causing cancers. 

She emphasized the importance of the vaccination drive in preventing cervical cancer, a leading cause of death among women worldwide, adding that by actively overseeing the implementation of the HPV vaccine program, she has reaffirmed the commitment of the State Government in promoting accessible healthcare for all. 

 Dr. El-Imam added that the HPV vaccine campaign was crucial towards safeguarding the health of young girls and preventing the devastating impact of cervical cancer. She enthused that the close monitoring of the vaccination process would ensure the protection of all girls between the ages of 9 and 14 years in the State.

Dr El-Imam who was also at the Tanke Primary Health Centre in Tanke Ilorin, appreciated parent’s proactiveness for bringing their girls to the facility for the vaccination and enjoined other parents to release their girls for the vaccination, advising them to shun all forms of misinformation related to the exercise. 

Falade Gbenga
Press Secretary


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