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The Kwara State Government has engaged both the PIU (Project Implementation Unit) and other technical support staffers of the Kwara Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones Project (SAPZ) in a two day-training workshop on executive stress management in a work place to avert decline in productivity. 

The training, organised by the Kwara State Government in collaboration with Bolaniks Agricultural Enterprises, was designed to educate the participants on the inevitable occurence of stress while at work, equip them with the necessity to identify stress and understand the technical know-how on how to manage executive stress. 

Opening the training session, the State Project Coordinator, Engr. Dr. Busari Toyin Isiaka, noted that the concern of the present administration about its staff will help to enhance sound health and mental alertness; and aid strong productivity in the workplace. 

"This training workshop is at the instance of the consciousness of the present administration to aid the health of the staff, which will stimulate their healthy condition and boost their rate of productivity. It is a two-day workshop covering 22nd and 23rd of April. Awareness about health matters is an appreciable development, and it is an ideal trend in the developed world. I thank the Executive Governor of Kwara State and Chairman of State Steering Committee for SAPZ, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, for funding this training workshop because the training points to the government's interest in the wellness of the staff. 

"To benefit from this training is a striking opportunity for the trainees. I, therefore, enjoin the participants to make good use of this valuable session on how to manage stress and take good care of our health. At the end of the workshop, the participants will be certified."

The Resource Persons included the Chief Executive Officer, Bolanik Agricultural Enterprises, Dr. Bolaji Afolabi; Lead Consultant and Head of Department of Public Health, Kwara State University, Malete, Professor Oluwasogo Olalubi; Consultant 1, Dr. (Mrs.) Olayinka Ben-Uwanbor; and Planning Officer, Kwara State University, Malete, Mr. Ridwan Afolabi. 

The training workshop dwelt on the meaning, nature, causes of stress and stress management capacity, emphasising that stress is imminent in every workplace and that people's reaction to it varies. 

The participants were made to know that stress, which is a general feeling of mental exhaustation devoid of motivation, accounts for much of the physical illnesses, substance abuse and family problems experienced by workers. 

The tutors established that since the occurrence of stress is unconscious, involuntary, and automatic, there should be sensitivity on how to manage it. 

The Resource Persons then admonished participants to sleep, eat balanced diet, listen to good calm music, engage in regular exercise, take vacation etc as some of the measures to manage stress.

The training workshop also featured a question-and-answer session, after which all participants were issued certificates.

Dr. Sangodare Ayinla,
KW-SAPZ Project


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